When it comes to aircraft electrification, aircraft wire insulation must be durable enough to ensure reliable EWIS (electrical wire interconnection systems). But electrification requires higher aircraft voltage, which stresses wiring more and causes potential physical damage. Typical insulation materials are often limited in durability and degrade over time when exposed to harsh airborne conditions. You can add extra aerospace wiring insulation for more durability, but it increases wire bundle size and weight, plus adds unwanted aircraft weight.

Gore offers a single optimal solution that OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and program managers want and need for future military aircraft electrification.

Best Combination of Durability & Long-Term Stability

GORE High Performance Aerospace Wires offer greater mechanical strength and exceptional electrical reliability over time without adding to wire bundle size and weight. They meet higher durability levels for aircraft electrical wire bundles operating in severe airborne conditions.

Our wire insulation is proven to have a higher PDIV/PDEV while displaying higher voltage breakdown and endurance than alternative aerospace wire and cable materials. This unique aircraft wire insulation offers other proven advantages over alternative materials, like resistance to extreme operating temperatures, humidity and harsh chemicals without degrading. And our insulation is proven to resist chafing, abrasion and cut-through failures.

On top of that, our flexible, lightweight design not only eases routing in confined spaces but also won’t increase wire bundle size or add extra weight to the aircraft.

Meet all your electrical wire system needs with GORE High Performance Aerospace Wires that ensure EWIS reliability over time, increase aircraft availability, improve safety and reduce total costs.

Material Comparison

Review the table below to compare the insulation material in GORE High Performance Aerospace Wires against common insulation materials for aircraft wires and cables.

Keep in mind that current aircraft electrical wiring solutions either contain polyimide or show limitations in physical and electrical properties. The yellow squares indicate good overall results from our abrasion testing. But, the underlying polyimide is quickly exposed, risking degradation, arc tracking and more. Any improvements to these materials in commonly used aircraft electrical wire types to add durability will likely add size and weight.

We invite you to download our data sheet for more test results comparing wire insulation materials. Or, contact a Gore representative today for more technical information.

Critical Attributes Extruded Fluoropolymer (XLETFE) PTFE/Polyimide Composite Gore Engineered Fluoropolymer (EFP)
Mechanical Durability
Electrical Durability
Long-Term Material Stability


Green = Acceptable/Good
Yellow = Concern/Uncertainty
Red = Unacceptable/Low Performance

Features & Benefits

GORE High Performance Aerospace Wires are engineered with unique features that make them more durable against challenging environmental factors and aircraft conditions, including:

  • low-permittivity, higher PDIV/PDEV material
  • temperature-resistant, chemically inert, non-flammable material
  • abrasion- and cut-through resistant material
  • hydrophobic, non-hydrolyzing material
  • lighter weight wire bundle design

Our aircraft power wires provide system architects and engineers with many benefits that improve electrical, mechanical and environmental performance such as:

  • proven strength against chafing, abrasion and cut-through over wide temps
  • resist chemicals/fire for increased aircraft safety and improved system performance
  • no degradation over time from hydrophobic, non-hydrolyzing material
  • improved electrical durability and less voltage breakdown over time in demanding MEA applications
  • greater EWIS reliability, increased aircraft availability and reduced costs
  • increased future-proofing with wires that can withstand higher voltage requirements
  • selected samples with short lead times for prototyping and evaluation
  • low risk based on validated product performance in real-world conditions

For more information about the features and benefits of our wires, contact a Gore representative today.


GORE High Performance Aerospace Wires for Defense Aircraft have undergone substantial qualification testing to ensure they meet the most current aircraft wiring standards and our customers’ requirements.

For available test data and more information about the qualifications of our wires, contact a Gore representative today.

Description Requirement Standard Status
Nominal Insulation Wall Thickness 8 mils for engineered fluoropolymer Compliant
Test Voltage Impulse: 8 kV (peak)
High-frequency test voltage: 5 kV (RMS)
Partial Discharge Inception Voltage Minimum 900 V ASTM D3032, Section 25* Compliant
Partial Discharge Extinction Voltage Minimum 1900 V ASTM D3032, Section 25* Compliant
Dry Arc Propagation 70 out of 75 wires pass dielectric withstand post-test SAE AS4373, Method 508 Compliant
Wet Arc Propagation 70 out of 75 wires pass dielectric withstand post-test SAE AS4373, Method 509 Compliant
Flammability No incendiary particles; burn <3.0 mm (1.18 in); self-extinguish in 3 seconds SAE AS4373, Method 801 Compliant
Humidity resistance 5000 m per ohms / 1000 ft after exposure SAE AS4373, Method 603 Compliant
Dynamic Cut Through Resistance 23°C, 30 lb
150°C, 25 lb
200°C, 25 lb
260°C, 10 lb
SAE AS4373, Method 703 Compliant
Abrasion Resistance 23°C, 20,000 cycles
70°C, 3,000 cycles
150°C, 1,000 cycles
SAE AS4373, Method 301 Compliant
Tensile Strength Average >60 lb SAE AS4373, Method 705 Compliant
Wrap Back No cracks after wrapping SAE AS4373, Method 714 Compliant

* Test performed in dielectric fluid.

More Information


Our wires offer a single optimal solution with the best combination of durability and long-term stability without adding size or weight. We’re pleased to provide complimentary samples of our aerospace cables and wires for prototyping and evaluation in your application within 48 hours of your request.

For more technical information about our high-performance wire and cable solutions, connect with a Gore representative for defense aircraft today. When you’re ready to order our wires, get in touch with one of our trusted distributors.


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