Gore’s copper, fiber optic and hybrid cable solutions support the latest open-source architectures and standardized protocols. Examples include Ethernet, CAN Bus, FireWire®, USB, HDMI and more. Our products meet and even exceed rigorous industry standards, like ARINC-803, SAE AS4373™, STANAG 4754 and VG95218-31. Our Ethernet 4-pair cables also meet SAE AS6070™/5 and SAE AS6070™/6 standards.

Browse our sample inventory of selected pre-qualified solutions below that we offer for prototyping and evaluation in your aircraft (military & commercial) or combat vehicle application. Then, fill out a short form to order your complimentary samples.

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Copper Data Cables Sample Inventory

Cable Type / ProtocolConstructionImpedance (Ohms)Gore Part Number
Shielded Twisted PairSingle Pair (20 AWG)100DXN2600
Single Pair (22 AWG)100GSC-03-85203-VG
Single Pair (22 AWG)100DXN2601
Single Pair (24 AWG)100DXN2602
Single Pair (26 AWG)100DXN2603
Single Pair (28 AWG)100DXN2604
Single Pair (30 AWG)100DXN2605
Single Pair (32 AWG)100DXN2606
CAN BusSingle Pair (24 AWG)120GSC-03-84793-VG
Single Pair (24 AWG)120GSC-03-85752-24D
Single Pair (26 AWG)120GSC-03-85752-26D
Ethernet (Cat8)4 pairs (24 AWG)100RCN9235-24
4 pairs (26 AWG)100RCN9235-26
Ethernet (Cat6A)4 Pairs (24 AWG)100GSC-01-85237-VG
4 Pairs (24 AWG)100RCN8966-24
4 Pairs (24 AWG)100RCN9034-24
4 Pairs (26 AWG)100RCN8966-26
4 Pairs (26 AWG)100RCN9047-26
4 Pairs (28 AWG)100RCN9034-28
Ethernet (Cat5e)2 Pairs (26 AWG)100RCN9133-26
Ethernet (Cat5e)Quadrax (24 AWG)100GSC-03-84608-00
Quadrax (26 AWG)100GSC-03-84820-00
QuadQuadrax (24 AWG)100RCN8752
Quadrax (26 AWG)100RCN8982
Quadrax (28 AWG)100RCN8973
FireWire® (IEEE 1394b)Quadrax (22 AWG)110RCN8645
Quadrax (24 AWG)110RCN8647
Quadrax (26 AWG)110RCN8652
Fibre ChannelQuadrax (26 AWG)150RCN8328
USB (2.0)Data/Power (22 AWG)90RCN8800-22D-22P-H
Data (24 AWG)
Power (22 AWG)
Data (26 AWG)
Power (24 AWG)
USB (3.0)Data (26 AWG)
Power (22 AWG)
USB (3.1)Data (26 AWG)
Power (24 AWG)
HDMI (2.0)Hybrid100RCN9121
DVI (Digital Only)4 Pairs (24 AWG)100GSC-01-85249-24S


Fiber Optic Cables Sample Inventory

Cable Type / ProtocolConstructionCore / Cladding / CoatingGore Part Number
Simplex1.8 mm, OM162.5/125/245GSC-13-84640-07
1.8 mm, OM250/125/245GSC-13-84639-07
1.8 mm, OM350/125/245GSC-13-84943-07
1.8 mm, OM450/125/245GSC-13-85423-07
Simplex1.2 mm, OM250/125/250FON1307
Simplex900 micron, OM162.5/125/245GSC-13-85067-00


Tethered Drone Cables Sample Inventory

Cable Type / ProtocolConstructionOperating Voltage VrmsCore / Cladding / CoatingGore Part Number
Power PairSingle Pair (20 AWG)600--RCN9188
Power PairSingle Pair (24 AWG)600--RCN9190
HybridPower Pair: 16 AWG Fiber: 900 micron6008/125/245RCN9164
HybridPower Pair: 20 AWG Fiber: 900 micron6008/125/245RCN9166
HybridPower Pair: 24 AWG Fiber: 900 micron6008/125/245RCN9168

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Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.