There are different PPAP Levels, each with different types of documentation. As you might expect, Level 1 involves the least amount of documentation. But a higher number does not always mean more documentation. As shown below, Level 3 actually requires the most documentation.

You choose the Level that meets your needs. Whether you choose Level 1, 2, 3, or 4, Gore has streamlined the process to eliminate complexity and confusion — so you get your completed PPAP documents promptly and accurately!

PPAP Levels and Documentation

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Turnaround 1 Week 3-5 Weeks 3-5 Weeks 3-5 Weeks
Parts Submission Warrant (PSW)
A one-page cover sheet summarizing pertinent information and part number(s).
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Product Samples NO Yes Yes NO
Drawing Unmarked Drawing Marked Drawing (if requested)
Unmarked Drawing
Marked Drawing
Unmarked Drawing
Marked Drawing (if requested)
Unmarked Drawing
Other Documentation NONE LIMITED
Supporting Data, as noted below:
  • Customer and Gore may agree to include any of the items listed at right, under Level 3.
Supporting Data, as noted below:
  • PFD (Process Flow Diagram)
  • PFMEA(Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis)
  • Control Plan (lists Quality Controls for manufacturing)
  • Dimensional Data (for parts made from production tooling)
  • Material Performance Data (for parts made from production tooling)
  • Lab Scope (Gore lab capabilities)
  • Gauge Reliability & Repeatability (verifies the measuring instruments used in manufacturing)
  • Standard Packing Form (Gore packaging info)
  • Certificate of Compliance (Gore manufacturing complies with product specs)
  • Material Certificate of Compliance (Gore material complies with product specs)
  • ISO9001 Certificate (issued by 3rd party auditor)
  • TS16949 Certificate (issued by 3rd party auditor)
  • IMDS Report (International Material Data System)
Supporting Data, as required by customer:
  • Customer may request any of the items listed at left, under Level 3.

When Is a PPAP Needed?

  • When a customer is purchasing a GORE® Automotive Vent for the first time. (This includes current customers who begin purchasing parts from a different manufacturing facility.)
  • When a customer or Gore has made any change that affects the form, fit, or function of the GORE® Automotive Vent.
  • When a customer requests it. Customers may request a PPAP for reasons such as annual recertification or a change in engineering drawings.

When a PPAP is needed, Gore is not permitted to ship parts to the customer until customer has signed and returned the Parts Submission Warrant form, which signals completion of the PPAP approval process.

Are There Exceptions?

Yes, a customer may sign a waiver so that product can be shipped before PPAP Approval is complete. There are two types of waivers:

  • Waiver of PPAP just for the first shipment. This allows an order to be processed and the first shipment to be sent out, even though the PPAP Approval process is not yet completed.
  • Waiver that attests that no PPAP is needed. Therefore, Gore is free to process your initial & all future orders and ship product without delay.

Your Gore representative can help you establish a waiver, if you require one.

Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Earth-Moving or Industrial Equipment, Marine applications, or Off-Road Motorized Dirt Bikes, Quads, etc.: Automotive PPAP requirements do not apply to you. Please visit GORE® Protective Vents to see their portfolio of products engineered specifically for your applications.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.