GORE Molded Assemblies are configured to individual customer requirements and may include platinum-cured silicone molded connections, unions and manifolds, clamps, and bottle top assemblies. They may also include the GORE Aseptic Sampling Valve, a fully disposable, pre-assembled valve assembly that incorporates an intuitive lever-actuated design for simple and efficient operation.

Patent and License Information

These GORE Molded Assemblies and components may be protected under the following patents:

  • GORE Molded Assemblies are licensed under U.S. Patent Nos: 6,290,625 and 7,093,859.
  • ReadyMate connectors are manufactured and supplied by GE Healthcare under an exclusive license to US patent number 6,679,529 and equivalent patents and applications in other countries owned by Johnson and Boley Holdings. ReadyMate is trademark of GE Healthcare.
  • GORE AME-Clamp is protected by US patent number 7,137,611.

GORE Aseptic Sampling Valves and assemblies, and Crimp and Cut tools, are licensed under one or more of the following: United States Patent No. 7,293,477, United States Patent No. 7,927,316, and United States Patent No. RE41,169.